Virtual Meetings

The Pack uses Microsoft Teams for virtual meetings. Leaders will send out emails with meeting information.

Meetings can be accessed on a computer with the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser or on a mobile device that has the Microsoft Teams app installed.

You do not need a Teams account to join a meeting.

How do I install Microsoft Teams?

On a desktop or laptop computer:
You don’t have to install Teams – you can just paste the meeting link into the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser.

But, if you want to install the app, you can download it here. You don’t have to login to the app or have an account. Just install the app. Then, when you click the meeting link in your email, it should ask if you want to open the meeting in the app.

On a Wallenpaupack school iPad:
The Microsoft Teams app should already be installed!

* We have obtained permission from the school district for Scouts to use their school iPads to join meetings. However, we are not permitted to send emails to their school email addresses.

On any other mobile device:
Go to the Microsoft Support page for links to the mobile app. Once it’s installed, you do not need to login to the app.

How do I join a Teams meeting?

The meeting email that your leader will send out will contain a meeting link and a phone number, so that you can join from your computer, mobile device, or by calling into the meeting from your phone. We include a short link in the email, to make it easy to type into a school iPad or other mobile device.

On a desktop or laptop computer:
Paste the meeting link from the email into the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser. The meeting will launch right in the browser.

If you chose to install the Teams app on your computer, you can open the link in any browser and it will prompt you to open the app.

On any mobile device that has the Teams app installed:
On your device, click the link from the email or type the short link into the device’s browser. The Teams app should open and join the meeting.

Meeting Tips

  • PLEASE try to limit background noise (and conversations!).
  • When you’re not speaking, please mute your microphone. If there is background noise on your end, we may have to mute you.
  • If your computer doesn’t have a microphone or speakers, you can join the meeting on your computer (so you can see everyone and whatever is being shared) AND call in to the meeting on your phone, to get audio.
  • If your connection is choppy, consider turning off your camera. If that doesn’t help, joining by phone may be a better option.