New Scout Q&A

Q: What can you tell me about Pack 229?
Cub Scout Pack 229 has been serving youth in our community since 1987. We are a GOLD EXCELLENCE rated pack and chartered by the Tafton Fire Company. We typically meet at the Wallenpaupack North Primary School.

Q: Are there other Cub Scout Packs in the area?
Yes! Our area is very fortunate to have a strong Scouting presence.

So, what’s the difference? All Cub Scout Pack adhere to the same program, but may run things slightly differently – think along the lines of two 1st grade teachers running their classrooms slightly differently. Also, different Packs may meet on different nights of the week.

We encourage all new Scouting families to look into all of the options in our area. Information for area Packs can be found at – just put in your ZIP code.

Q: Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Boy Scouts of America … what’s with all the names?

A: The national organization is called “Boy Scouts of America” and includes several programs for different aged youth:

  • Cub Scouts is for youth in kindergarten through 5th grade
  • Scouts BSA is for youth ages 11-17 (or 6th – 12th grades)
  • VenturingSea Scouting, and Exploring are additional programs for older youth

Q: Do you offer any financial assistance?
Some financial assistance is available for registration fees through the Northeast Pennsylvania Counsil (the regional Scouting organization). Proof of State Aid (Free/reduced lunch, Access, Chip, etc.) is required to qualify. All information is kept confidential. Please speak to the Cubmaster or Committee Chair about applying for such programs. We work very hard to ensure that ALL YOUTH can enjoy scouting, regardless of their financial situation!

Q: How much does it cost?
For the 2022 calendar year, annual dues and registration fees total to $150 – this covers National, Council (the Northeast PA regional Scouting organization), and Pack costs.

Payment for 2022 is due by November 19, 2021 in order for us to file everything with the Council and National offices in December.

Financial situations should never be a barrier to Scouting. Any families who need to work something out should speak to Mr. Phil as soon as possible.

For New Scouts – fees will be prorated depending on when you join. Please note that, as of August 2020, the National BSA organization has also implemented a one-time joining fee of $25.

There are fundraisers throughout the year to help defray costs. Any additional money from fundraising will be deposited to the Scout’s “scout account,” which can be used to help pay for their camp registrations and other costs.

Required items (uniforms/books) will be an additional cost and can be purchased directly at the BSA Store in Moosic ( or directly from Our suggestion is to start with the handbook for your child’s den.

You can also purchase an annual Boys’ Life Magazine Subscription for $12 per year.

Some camping trips and events may have various costs as well.

Q: When and where do we have our meetings?
Den meetings are held during the school year. Please see the Calendar page for our current schedule.

Den meetings are a time when Scouts of the same grade meet to learn about nature, citizenship, fitness, brotherhood and SO much more and how to be “Prepared for Life” in an age appropriate manner. The Scouts learn better when they are having fun, so theme related crafts, games and guest speakers are included in the Den Meeting. The Den may also take a field trip to a local place of interest, such as the Fire House, etc. There will also be some activities that will need to be done at home, such as help prepare a meal or establish a “meeting spot’ outside if there ever was a fire. If you miss a meeting, you can easily make up the work. Siblings are permitted to come to Den Meetings if you do not have any other alternative. (Please bring a quiet activity to keep the sibling busy during the meeting.)

Once a month, we hold our PACK NIGHT in the North Primary Cafeteria. Pack Nights are where all the Cub Scouts of different ranks come together to share stories, activities, games, receive awards, share fellowship and hear about upcoming Pack wide events. All family members are invited to pack night. There is no Den Meeting on Pack Night Week. Please see the full calendar for details.

Q: What is done during the summer?
We hold at least two events per month throughout the summer – Bowling nights, Camping trips, Fire Truck Wash, etc. At these events scouts can earn patches and complete requirements needed for their rank advancement, but more importantly get out and have fun with their family and friends. These events are not mandatory, but we ask that you RSVP as needed so we can plan for food, etc.

Q: Are girls able to join Cub Scouts?
YES! Starting in June 2018, Pack 229 is becoming a “Familiy Pack” and offering our program to both boys and girls. More information is available on our Family Scouting page.

Q: How do you communicate with parents?
All information is on-line. We use a website called and we also have a closed Facebook group.

Q: Does a parent/chaperone need to stay with my child at the weekly meetings and outings?
Part of the scouting experience is to help strengthen family bonds and what better way then to come and play together! Parent/chaperone involvement in the weekly meetings is mandatory in first and second grade. After that, the parent involvement starts to reduce, to eventually prepare them for Scouts BSA. The parent can designate anyone over the age of 18 to be a chaperone as needed. Scouts must follow the ‘Buddy System” at all times, even when going to the restroom. The Cub Scouts take child safety very seriously!!

Q: Do we camp overnight?
Yes! While it is not required for most ranks, we do have opportunities to go camping every year. Usually we have a two Pack campouts during the year (usually early October and a “camp in” or “indoor campout” in January). There is district wide “Parent & Pal” camp out in June – this is a great event where Scouts get to try many activities they might not otherwise be exposed to such as Archery, BB’s, Sling Shot, Nature, Crafts, etc. There is also a sleep away camp in July at Camp Acahela. All Cub Scouts will need a parent to stay overnight with them, EXCEPT for the sleep away camp where Pack Chaperones will be used.

Q: Is camping mandatory?
 Outdoor activities are required for rank advancement and camping certainly qualifies as that. It is also a lot of fun and the Scouts can earn special awards. Camping equipment can be borrowed or is provided for most events. If you feel your son is not ready for an overnight experience, you can always come for a visit and leave after the campfire songs are over to ease into it. Older Scouts in Scouts BSA will need to camp a great deal for rank advancement, so it is best to get them enjoy the outdoors when they are younger.

Q: My child has special needs. Can they still join?
YES!! The Cub Scout motto is “Do Your Best” – whatever that maybe. Scouts are rewarded for trying new things and working together to make the world a better (and more diverse) world. Accommodations to the Scouting program can be made as needed and many of our leaders have experience working with children on 504/IEP’s.

Q: Do Scouts have to wear a uniform at every meeting?
A: No. What’s most important to us is that you’re there. The full uniform is most appropriate for full Pack meetings (once a month) and ceremonies. For Den meetings, most Scouts wear a scouting-related t-shirt (we order Pack t-shirts twice a year). Again, what’s important is being involved!

Q: What items will my Scout need?
1) Den Handbook for your grade.
2) Navy blue Scout Uniform Shirt for grades 1-3, paired with navy blue pants/shorts. Tan Scout Uniform Shirt for grades 4 & 5, paired with olive green pants/shorts. We recommend the short sleeved shirt and buy bigger for room to grow!
3) Patches: Council Patch, World Crest. Do not buy the red “229” numbers, as we have special Pack patches
4) Rank Neckerchief and slide for your grade.

Q: What if my child finished 5th grade?
After 5th grade Cub Scouts graduate to Scouts BSA. We can give you information about Scout Troop 129, or other scouting opportunities in the area.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!